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Hi! I'm Christina and I'm a freelance proofreader, copy editor, and copywriter.

I help entrepreneurs and small business owners feel confident in their messaging.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand that resources are limited. Great copy shouldn't be out of anyone's reach. That's why I offer a range of services that will fit almost any budget.

With my personalized approach, you can be sure that your unique voice will shine through and engage with your target audience. 

My services

What I Offer


You already have copy that you're happy with but

it needs a little finessing, or maybe just a second set of eyes to make sure it's perfect. 

I’ll review for spelling, grammar, punctuation, missing words, make sure all your links actually work, and point out any wonky formatting.


You know what you want to say but you need help figuring out how to say it, finding the right words,

or the right voice and tone. 

I’ll work with you to craft your message in a way that stays true to your unique voice, and that clearly articulates the message you want to convey.


Nice things others have said about me:

“Christina helps me make sure all my stationery designs are 100% correct. As easy as it may seem, the fact that I have another set of eyeballs checking over work gives me confidence. Christina allows me to focus on the overall design of my pieces while knowing I have a professional in my back pocket checking over the details.” 

—  Dana Osborne, Owner of Dana Osborne Design

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