I want you to feel 100% confident in your copy.

Whether you need proofreading, copywriting, or maybe something that falls somewhere in between,

I want to work with you.

Do you have a brand new website that needs copy?


Are you revamping an existing website and need something new and fresh?

Maybe you need copy for marketing, an article, a blog post, or social media.

I can help.


Below is more information about what I offer and my pricing.




Proofreading generally consists of reviewing for spelling, grammar, punctuation.

My proofreading service also includes a review for:

double/missing words  |  commonly misused words  |  voice and tone consistency | format consistency  |  

clarity of message  |  overall readability

General Proofreading

$35 for the first 1500 words

$0.03 per word after that

(or we can chat about you having me on retainer! This is a great option if you publish frequently)

Invitation Suites

$15 for a full invitation suite

(invite, reception, RSVP, directions, accommodations, itinerary, etc.)

Social Media / Promos

$10 for all text, including any text in graphics/visuals

(up to 250 words)



While your website's design might draw people in, it's your message

- your words and how you say them -

that will turn  visitors into clients who are excited to work with you.

My copywriting service includes:

branding and project questionnaire  |  phone or video call  |  industry/competition research  |  first draft  |  feedback  |  revisions  |  final copy     

My rate is $35 per hour. To get an estimate for your project, send me a note!